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Waiting on the Dock of the Bay

So like the title says I am hanging out by Casco Bay waiting for one of my sons to arrive with his family. We will then board the ferry to Peaks Island for some hiking. I have been thinking that my photography has become a little stale. I’m in one of those stale periods when nothing I see inspires me. So what do I see here. The young girl with the cell who thinks the world really cares about her problems that she is relating to someone on the other end who probably also doesn’t care. She left.

A larger gentleman reading the paper sits next to me. Here comes an Asian mother and her teen son she looks briefly at the pictograph on the edge of the water and they move on. Theres on older woman just staring into space. Behind me are several tourist families and a homeless vet in a wheelchair.

It’s a great place to people watch. Sometimes I will engage them in conversation. Otherwise I just watch and write stories in my mind about what I imagine their live must be. What is happening to them today. It’s a game I enjoy. I read their faces and their body languages and I eavesdrop on their mental conventions.

Do ever do that? Try it it can be fun and it can lead to inspirations.


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