Waking up in an Alternate Univerise

Not everybody will agree with me on this. Forty percent of you voted for Donald Trump because of promises he made on the campaign trail.  Apparently you all thought it was a good thing.  Now all I see is the democracy slipping away. 

Lets start at the beginning. Lets look at the lying.  Today after the swearing in he is still pushing the non fact that  He lost the popular vote because of all the illegal votes.  I worked the poles for many years and illegal voting just doesn’t happen.  The fact is he lost the popular vote by 3million more votes for Hillary and another 4 million votes for the other candidates.  Basically he stole the election with one of the lowest Electoral College votes in history,  If you didn’t know the Electoral College was created to placate the slave states.

Now lets look at Inauguration Day.   Again he stretched the truth about this.  The estimate for the attendance which anyone could see was about two hundred thousand.  The stands along the parade route were practically empty.  The Metro confirmed these numbers saying that usage of the Metro was below that of a normal work week. 

On Saturday Sean Spicer Trumps press Secretary held his first press conference and reported that there were at least on million people at the event and went on to chastise the press for false reporting. The next morning Kelleyanne Conway went on Meet the Press and said that what Spicer said were “alternate facts”.  Then that same day Trump spoke to the CIA and repeated the one million plus figure and again blamed the press.  

So that is just a little bit of who Donald Trump is.  I see nothing in his actions that indicate that he is working for his base.  I will address other issues, such as the ACA, the raping of the EPA.  It does not look good for this country.  

3 Replies to “Waking up in an Alternate Univerise”

  1. Robert – I’m from Australia and DID NOT Vote, but as the US of A is a democracy doesn’t it behove you to give him a chance? I agree he has upset the status quo but then a guy called George Washington was guilty of the same crime and he turned out alright as I recall!

    1. The nice part about a democracy is I don’t have to give him a chance. Particularly since I just 5 days he has signed executive orders that promise to really set this country back. Because of our archaic voting laws I am actually in the majority.

  2. As a none US citizen I am sill trying to workout just how this so obvious bully boy who twists or rejects truths, so determinedly to create hostility between people got to be President. It is OK to challenge and change the status quo but that can be done without destroying democracy…..his rush to sign Executive Orders looks more like the act of a Dictator rather than the leader of a Democracy. Am I being cynical in suggesting that all these orders are being signed just for Trump to brag that he did what he said he would do from day 1…..whether/if they actually come to pass is another matter. What ever, it is sad and worrying times in world history.

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