Walking the Golf Course

Fan PalmI just took an early morning walk on the golf course.  It was morning and a beautiful time of day.  There was a light fog and the humidity hadn’t risen to unbearable yet. The sounds of birds filled the air and the egrets were about the greens searching for early breakfast. 

We are almost at the end of our vacation and today we will travel south to spend the day with friends who are down hear about six months of the year.  As I took my walk I was reminded that the reason I was walking was to hopefully extend my life.  We are staying with my sister-in-law in a place that is populated with many seniors that have neglected their bodies and are not as agile as I am.  They are typical Americans grossly overweight and unable to get around as well as I do. 

So the lesson I will take away from here is to get back on my elliptical, walk, hike, and adjust my diet.  I smoked for many years and tried many times to quit many times.  I have done the same with exercising.  This time I will try again and never give up.