Another trip to Portland waterfront.  This time was for my wife’s birthday.  First we went to RiRa’s Portland for brunch.  They had a Bloody Mary Bar which was of 16oz or 22oz glasses filled with either a single or double shot of vodka.  Then it was on to the bar for a large assortment of mixes and hot sauces.  Along with that was a selection of things like celery stalks, bacon, horseradish and shrimp. The food was ok which is my polite way of saying it was adequate and overpriced.  The wait staff was quick and friendly.  The high point was the view and the small jazz band that played while we ate.  Their name is Sly-Chi.  They played a lot of my jazz favorites and apparently the three that performed is just a part of a very versatile larger group. I know Sly-Chi  are appearing at Longfellow square October 20 and I highly recommend them. 
RiRa-2   RiRa-1     Long Wharf

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  1. Very interesting and thought provoking series. People living on the streets is an all too familiar sight no matter what part of the country you are in.

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