We are all going to Hell

I consider my self to be of above average intelligence.  I don’t consider myself to be naïve or gullible but someone just posted on Facebook that the GOP just voted against CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Plan that was instituted by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  It has been helping children successfully for 25 years. 

I am now beginning to catch on to the motives of the Republican party.  If something has the name Clinton or Obama attached to it lets get rid of it.  Senator Susan Collins who I used to at least give the benefit of the doubt to just cast her vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act or Obama care as it come to be know.  The reason for her vote and others is because they want to provide a better plan

Now one would think that by now they have a great plan in place which will be less expensive, have better coverage than Obama Care and no one will get hurt because of it.  What we are looking at is no plan after six years eight years complaining that  the ACA was so horrible.  After 56 failed attempts to repeal it they still don’t have a replacement. 

Brighter minds then mine have been presenting arguments that any new plans that have been even remotely suggested will (1) be more costly, (2) be the cause of millions of lost jobs, and (3) increase the deficit by trillions of dollars. 

Now since I am almost 75 years old this is really wearing me out but I am going to try to go on.  Since I am older I have Medicare.  Now in spite of what you think or have been told the Medicare program is more cost effective than private health insurance.   I know you think I’m wrong but just click on the link and find out for yourself.  Medicare is a single payer program that is a lot like what they have in Canada and many other countries in the free world.  Like those other programs I choose my own doctor just like I used to and I pay about $300 per month for great coverage.   It is not socialized medicine.  The only socialized medicine in this country is run by the government Veterans Administration. 

You might ask  why didn’t we just skip Obama Care and give Medicare to everybody?  I’m not smart enough to answer that.  For an answer to that question you will have to ask Senator Susan Collins and her gang down in Washington.  Don’t expect an answer from them.  They are too busy raping the country. 


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