What Can I Say Differently?

Two kids on the beach
Ebony and Ivory

I had almost decided not to write about world events anymore.  I didn’t think it was fitting for a photo blog.  Then I thought that the sub title of my blog is “A Journey Through my Life”.  I have been photographing the days events including a series of pictures of homeless people. 

So with that I was wondering if there ever has been a time in history that has been worse than what we in America are currently experiencing?  In my lifetime, and I have a pretty good memory, I can’t remember a Presidential campaign which has been more hateful and divisive.  I can’t remember a period in my time when a political party has created such a blockade on progress as has been perpetrated by the Republican party.  Now before you get your panties all in a knot I don’t think that the far left of the Democrat party has been much better. 

The far left of the Democrat party that supported Bernie Sanders is now ready to lynch him because they feel he has sold out to support Hilary Clinton.  The vitriol that they are displaying is not much different than the extreme right of the Republican Party that supports Trump.  The message is somewhat different but it is delivered with the same hateful venom.  I read a solution for this problem that was delivered in 1962.   Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future. JFK.

The biggest problem that I see in this country is racism.  This past week with two black men killed by the police and five policeman shot by a black man in Dallas has pushed this country into overload.  I heard a women addressing a   white audience ask “How many of you in the audience would choose to live the life of a black person?”  None of the white hands went up.  To which the speaker said “I see no hands which makes me ask if you are aware of the way blacks are treated and you wouldn’t want that for yourself, then why do you allow it to happen to others. 

That is a very powerful argument.  I don’t have a large enough audience to expect a flood of comments on what I say.  have you ever discussed with one of your black colleagues or friends how they felt about the way they treated in this country?  I have.  Have you ever talked to one of your gay colleagues or friends how they felt about the way they are treated by the straight community?  I have. 

Leo Tolstoy once said many people want to change the world.  Only a few want to change themselves.