What to do while Waiting

Is that a strange title?  Since the sub title of my web site is “Journey Though my Life” you get all the good and the banal. My company decided to have a major conference call today.  It supposed to start in twenty minutes. Since I live forty minutes away from my first appointment I am now sitting in the customers parking lot waiting for the conference call to start.  My appointment with customer is not for an hour and a half from now.  

The good thing is is that I am connected.  I have my cell phone. I have my iPad and I have my Mi-Fi which will allow me to not only hear the conference but watch the presentation. I love technology. In the olden days which wasn’t that long ago I new where every indoor phone booth was located.

I also love being connected.  Did I mention in about four weeks I will be visiting Israel. Yesterday I picked up a couple of electrical plug convertors for recharging stuff. I bought a wireless hard from Seagate that I can use with the iPad and phone trial runs packing my back pack to get the maximum efficiency. Time for,the conference call