Whatever Happened to Democracy




Today I was listening to CNN on one of their programs about the economy.  Do you feel we have totally lost our way?  Do you feel you have a say in what happens in Washington?  Would we get better people to serve if the benefits for our elected officials were not so attractive.  Think about it in the beginning of the country men, no women served, would be elected to go to Congress, they would serve their time and go home.  They had farms and businesses to take care.  They families to take care of.  No one made serving a career.

Now these men and women spend millions of dollars to get elected to job which pays $174,000 per year.  Granted they receive benefits far beyond those of us who put them in office.  ON top of everything they receive a lifetime of salary and healthcare which than get passed on to the surviving spouse.  In 1758 members of Congress received $6.00/day.  No wonder they couldn’t wait to return home. 

 If you think this is ever going to change forget about that.  The people who decide on what these people are paid are the same people who’s main job is to raise more money so they assure themselves that they will be re-elected again and again and again.  In times past things were not so horrible as today.  we actually had politicians who actually seemed to care about things.  They were Democrats and Republicans who were able to play the wink-wink nod-nod game and get things accomplished.  They were more inclined to protect the middle class by cutting the proper costs and balancing that with taxes.  They didn’t create unfunded wars and then turn around and blame the elderly by changing the word entitlements into a dirty word. 

So what do you think should be done?  Do you think we should take to the streets in huge demonstrations?  That will never happen.  That only happens in uncivilized places like France, England, Italy, and Greece.  Not since the days of the civil rights marches and the anti-Viet Nam marches have Americans been passionate enough to speak out for what they believe is rightfully theirs. 

Last December or two Decembers ago I was attending a business fair in Brunswick, Maine.  I started to leave and in the hall was Olympia Snow.  I called to her and I told her about my total displeasure with her performance and everybody else in Washington.  I told her that it seemed as if the only concern for those people was to get re-elected and that was only achieved by pandering to the people would ensure their return year after year after year.  I said it seemed that no one wanted to speak up and make the tough choices anymore.  The following February she announced her retirement.  Now I don’t take credit for that, except when I talk to my wife, but isn’t it time that more of us speak more directly to our representatives?  Isn’t it time we all spoke a little louder about our concerns?



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  1. amen,amen!! Hubby and I feel the same way but we are just a couple of democrats in this hugely republican county and state…not that there aren’t republicans that feel this way too.

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