Where do we go From Here?

First I apologize to use this venue to air my dirty laundry.  Well it’s not rally my dirty laundry.  It’s the country’s dirt laundry that has been left on our door steps by our leaders in Washington D.C.  I am not separating them right from left or Republican or Democrat.  They have equally shown an ineptness that I don’t think I have ever experienced in my 68 years as an American. 

Perhaps I or we are missing some secret formula that we are unaware.  Maybe we are living in a parallel world where the usual laws of common sense no longer apply.  Are we living in a Rod Serling Twilight Zone ?  Is someone going to jump out from a curtain and yell smile your on Candid Camera

I don’t think that is going to happen at all.  The reality is the inmates have taken over the asylum and now while the country is going further down into the abyss our illustrious leaders have decided to take a not too deserved months vacation.  The good news is how much bad can they do while they are away. 

What would you do if you were in charge?  My son says  I always complain and and never offer a solution.  This time is going to be different.  Bear in mind I am not an economist. So here goes my fix:

  1. I would roll back the Bush tax cuts effective immediately.  I am not sure how much revenue that would bring in you do the math.
  2. I would stop the oil company’s subsidies, value $100 billion over 10 years
  3. I would roll back the ethanol subsidies, value $40 billion over 10 years
  4. I would roll back farm subsidies, Michele Bachman received $500 million in subsidies last year.  This is a woman who doesn’t like socialism. 
  5. I would spend government money to get a new NRA program started.  We have enough infrastructure repairs needed that you could add 2 to 3% to the labor force which would do 2 things stop the decay and bring in needed revenue to help with the deficit. 
  6. Did you know we have 40 million people on food stamps in the “greatest country on earth”  We have since the 80’s a whole new industry…food pantry’s.  A lot of the participants were the middle class. 
  7. There was a president not so long ago who had the gall to suggest a national health plan that included a  guaranteed minimum income for families with children because he felt that our young children should be protected.  I won’t leave you hanging.  That president was none other than Richard Millhouse Nixon. Back then people on both sides of the aisle had detectable heart beats.

Well children I have ranted on long enough and my ADD is kicking in so I am losing interest.  I don’t know where this will go but if you think they are good talking points you can share them with others.  Thank you for letting me take up this space.

Fresh Snow

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4 Replies to “Where do we go From Here?”

  1. Well spoken my good sir, the photo is extraordinary, the talk…….priceless. our common laws are still in play if you know how to apply then….the admiralty laws do seem to be in charge until the truth sets you free.

  2. RIGHT ON!
    When will our leaders start to listen. One party has signed a pledge to never raise taxes (roll back Bush tax cuts) or close tax loopholes. We need balance and compromise in government. A vacation after the disaster our “leaders” caused is abominable.

  3. I’ll vote for an NPA program but we don’t need any more NRA stuff. OK by me to use this forum for opinion – even if I disagree (which in this case I don’t). Nice black and white although a little difficult to wrap my brain around snow in this heat!. 🙂

  4. I can see that we were basically on the same page on this same date (see my Aug 10 post if you haven’t). I’m not so sure of definite actions to be taken but my feeling is that for those to whom much is given, much is (or should be) expected…thus the first step is to make sure that the tax breaks and subsidies are done away with. Then get all the able-bodied people now on public assistance/disability back to work rebuilding the infrastructure of this company. There is nothing shameful about manual labor even if one has education and skills that are seemingly “wasted” on this when the unemployed won’t seek a job “less” than one they previously had. And clean out Washington. Anyway…don’t get me started! It begins to seem too overwhelming!! Have a great day!

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