I walk into my favorite watering hole this Friday night to Have a quiet glass of wine and who do I meet but stranger number 9 or 10. http://www.100strangers.com/ It’s been a while since my last one and I am a little behind.

Anyway William started talking the minute I sat down.  William is from Miami  by way of Cuba.  He moved to the states in 1996.  He was a little unclear about what he did for a living but he seemed to have plenty of money and was very friendly.  That was proof that he was from around Maine.  We talked for quite some time until my dinner when he said his goodbyes and went to another bar.  I took this picture with my Droid and sent a copy to my wife who is visiting her sisters in Florida.  I added the tag line “this is my date for tonight”

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  1. Am glad to see you posting more stranger photos…His smile really does look friendly. BTW, how did your wife respond to your tag line?

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