Windows Live Writer

I have been using Windows Live Writer for quite some time.  Live Writer would automatically publish my post to Twitter. At the same time I was using a Word Press plug in WordSocial which at the same time it was supposed to publish the post to Facebook.  That hardly ever happened and now that I want to promote my pictures I needed something more robust. 

Sometimes what you are looking at is right under your nose.When I went into Live Writer options I rediscovered a whole list of plugins I didn’t think were as important before.  Sure enough there was a plug in that not only will publish to my Facebook page but a lot more social sites.  I also found a SmugMug plugin which I can insert a picture from my gallery.  If someone clicks on it it will present it in SmugMug with options to buy.  I have found Windows Live Writer much easier to use than WordPress. So here goes a little test to see what works. 


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