Winter Ice

It’s another day of snow in Portland, Maine.  It hasn’t been as bad as other areas but enough is too much.  While waiting to head south for baby sitting duties I decided to go out and share some of the beauty instead of wallowing in other thoughts I could have.  I went into the 365 list for this selection by James Taylor…Frozen Man.


9 Replies to “Winter Ice”

  1. It looks like we missed out on the ice here this year, but I have enjoyed seeing the winter you’ve been getting in the States. Good composition and great clarity in that image.

  2. Is there a reason that winter has to be so wintry this year? Enough is enough! Nice image…looks like the ice is trying to protect the bud on that branch.

  3. It has been a Winter we will remember in the Northeast. We haven’t gotten quite as much as you have but I’m ready for it to be over! Love the droplet and all the beauty of the ice crystals but right now I’d love them in a class not on the ground or trees!

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