You Meet the Best People

 You meet the best people while driving for Uber.  I knew that I would be able to concentrate more on my photography with this job.  This will be a continuation of my “100 Strangers” project that I did a couple of years ago.  It will also be a demonstration of what not to do when confronted with two beautiful women like Alley and Georgia.  What not to do is allow auto-focus to do the work.  If you notice the background is in perfect focus. 

Anyway I met Alley and Georgia as one my early fares.  They were in from Los Angeles to do some work the nature of the work I promised not to divulge.  The ride was too short as you can imagine and I enjoyed being with them very much.  I know what you are thinking and now I have to get back on the road.  My apologies to Alley and Georgia for the poor quality of the photography.