Aug 192014

I never would have thought that a Jewish women would not be able to walk down the street in Sweden. The world is once again getting to be unsafe for Jews.  But we are not alone.  Anyone Jews, Christians, or Muslims that to not adhere to strict Sharia law is in danger.  Israel is doing what is can to fight back but she cannot do it alone.  The western world has spent so much energy trying not to offend Islam and the Muslim world that they fallen asleep and become unaware of what is happening.

Aug 172014

I’m sure most of you know that I am a Jew and I am proud of it. Over the last several weeks most of us have been disturbed by what is going on in Israel and the Gaza Strip. I am not going to go into the politics of it all I am sure you all have formed your own opinions. The deaths of the citizens have been horrible and we all hope that the current cease fire will hold. What the cease fire will not bring is a change to the minds of Hamas, ISIS, and all the other radical Islamic groups who want nothing more than the destruction of Israel and any other democratic country that does not follow strict Sharia law. Anti semitism is rising it’s ugly head in Europe. This is the latest occurrence that I became aware of today. This shows Irish mothers and fathers stripping the shelves of store to rid it or any products which come from Israel. The sickest part is that they saw fit to bring their young children with them. How sick and ignorant is that.

Aug 162014

So Friday was not a good day for laptops. I couldn’t get mine to start properly so I have a new Toshiba on order which should arrive on Tuesday. The toshiba I am getting has 12 Gig of Ram, 1 T of hard drive and a much, much faster processor which should perform so better with all the multi-media software I have started to use.

I also ordered transfer hardware for so I can save all the files on the hard drive. That is assuming that the hard drive is working properly. I have no reason to believe that it isn’t. Then it just reinstalling all the software. I just went on line and saved all my Adobe license codes.

Hopefully by Wednesday I will be back to my laptop and not stuck on the iPad. This was tonight’s dinner. IMG_0649.JPG

Aug 122014

Saturday we went with my sister-in-law and her husband to Baily Island.  The trip was done on a ferry run by Casco Bay Island Ferry Service.  They service many of the islands in the Casco Bay through out the year.  During the summer there is a lot of traffic throughout the islands.  It makes for a very relaxing day. 

This is another video processed using Adobe Premiere Pro.  It is getting easier to use each time.  I am also using a tutorial from Lynda which is very complete.