Sep 062014

One of the joys of timelapse photography is with the right location it can be a very pleasant.  Today the weather was in the eighties but with an onshore breeze to make the experience very comfortable.  All that is needed is to set up the camera on my tripod, make the proper adjustments, find my iPad in my bag and sit down and read my book.  When you are shooting sunset to dark that requires more attention. 

For the processing I have been using been using LRtimelapse with Adobe Lightroom  and this time I finish off the rendered MP4 using Premier Pro CC.  Here is my finished product. 

Aug 302014

untitledEarlier in the week I told about the problem I had with my iPad in that I got looked out of it and in order to use it I had to (1) prove that I owned it by emailing my proof of purchase to the security police of Apple. And (2) I had to wait until the police found time to solve my problem.  It all started Saturday morning and by 5:00PM Monday evening I still didn’t have what I wanted and I use the iPad for presentations at work.  

So Tuesday afternoon I went into the Apple store at the Maine Mall and just about 20 minutes later the iPad was unlocked and I was on my way.  Now mind you no one at Apple support ever told me I could do this so I waisted 3 days.  The lesson here is if you have a problem with an Apple devise and you have an Apple Store nearby, and after my experience nearby could be within 100 miles, you the store as your first choice.  

Aug 252014

untitledOn Saturday I tried to update my iPad.  Because I have a new laptop I was going through the chore of updating all of my software and the last one was iTunes.  When I went to sync with the iPad my access got locked because some it didn’t recognize my Apple I.D.  If you ever have dealt with Apple you know that they carry security to the extremes.  In order for them to help me I first needed to prove ownership on the iPad.  In order to do that I needed to provide a receipt of purchase.  By 5:00PM I received that through the help of one of the customer service people. 

Now I am thinking that is great and I will soon have my iPad back.  Not so fast bucko.  I had to email the receipt through a special link in an email provided by Apple.  Now I am speeding towards a solution.  Hold on though because I found out on Sunday that the engineers that will be working on my problem do not work on Saturday or Sunday and they are on the other coast so their Monday doesn’t start until I am on my way to lunch. 

On Monday, today, I call up to check at 5:00Pm to check on the progress.  The I.D. had not been change so I still can’t log in and I am starting the slow burn.  Because the person I speak to tells me that he will email and ask the status of my problem. 

I ask “Why can’t you call.?

“Because they don’t take calls.”  He said. 

At this point I start to rant without raising my voice, telling everything I feel about Apple and their lack of communication and I hear silence on the other end. 

I said “Are you still there?”  To which he responded “I’m writing everything down on the email.”

At 9PM tonight I called back again to find that nothing has been done and I have to wait for a call tomorrow.  Needless to say all of my complaining will get me no where.  A company that has a cash reserve of $140 billion in cash is not too concerned that I am not happy.  The only thing I can so is wait for the email asking me how I liked my service. 


Aug 192014

I never would have thought that a Jewish women would not be able to walk down the street in Sweden. The world is once again getting to be unsafe for Jews.  But we are not alone.  Anyone Jews, Christians, or Muslims that to not adhere to strict Sharia law is in danger.  Israel is doing what is can to fight back but she cannot do it alone.  The western world has spent so much energy trying not to offend Islam and the Muslim world that they fallen asleep and become unaware of what is happening.

Aug 172014

I’m sure most of you know that I am a Jew and I am proud of it. Over the last several weeks most of us have been disturbed by what is going on in Israel and the Gaza Strip. I am not going to go into the politics of it all I am sure you all have formed your own opinions. The deaths of the citizens have been horrible and we all hope that the current cease fire will hold. What the cease fire will not bring is a change to the minds of Hamas, ISIS, and all the other radical Islamic groups who want nothing more than the destruction of Israel and any other democratic country that does not follow strict Sharia law. Anti semitism is rising it’s ugly head in Europe. This is the latest occurrence that I became aware of today. This shows Irish mothers and fathers stripping the shelves of store to rid it or any products which come from Israel. The sickest part is that they saw fit to bring their young children with them. How sick and ignorant is that.