May 242015

I was away in Marblehead Ma. yesterday and stole a little time for a photo walk.  On the shore I caught this early Regosa bulb. It is one my favorite roses.  I thought it was perfect to process it using Topaz Labs Masterpiece.  What better artist to use but Monet. 


May 222015

I went back on found this shot which I took last year.  As many know I love to use Topaz Labs.  I have, overtime accumulated the full set of preset plugins.  The photo below was worked on before but what I wanted to do was try a new plugin called Impression .  It allows you to create authentic art.  I started with the watercolor preset and worked with it from there.  I didn’t go very extreme but I think you can visualize the effect in the clover.  Purists would not be caught using something like Topaz but it allows the creative mind to exercise a little. Honeybee

May 202015

Believe it or not I am on the phone with Medicare while they correct a claim.  I signed up with Medicare several months before I became an insurance agent.  It took me several months before I could correct my mistake.  Anybody who tries to select this service on their can run into major problems.  So I just got off the phone with Medicare and I can tell you their service is superb. 

Now the reason I got on line was to share a couple of shots from yesterday and I hope you enjoy them. 

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart



May 092015

Early last night while it was still light someone noticed that their was a raccoon on my deck.  He or she was standing up trying to reach a bag of garbage that I had hung over a lamp to dispose of later.  He then when over to my big enclosed compost maker.  By now I had gone on the deck to see.  The raccoon casually continued his search for food.  Meantime the guests were worried about rabies but Rocky was not acting strange and very calmly moved around the deck until it left. 

Usually I would have grabbed my camera but my wife and I had just bought Motorola Droid Turbo smartphones.  The camera has 18mp and the video has the new 4K format.  In addition the camera has burst mode, timelapse, and panorama.  The biggest feature is that fully charged it will go 48 hours. 




Apr 292015

In 2009 I was visiting Colonial Williamsburg in Virgnia.  In a display of flowers I was fortunate to capture a shot of this beautiful butterfly.  I am not sure of the variety perhaps someone can help me with that.  Anyway I reprocessed it using Topaz Labs plugins.  Without going through all the layers required using Photoshop Topaz was able to analyze several regions and produce the final results.