Jan 282015

Parrot Fish-Edit-Edit-EditI decided not to take any blizzard pictures.  I have kind of maxed out on blizzards.  They are predicting 8-10 inches more snow on Friday and a repeat of the same on Monday.  I am going to have to rearrange my brain so I can actually get out and enjoy the weather.  I do live in Maine and at 72 it should not come as a shock that it does in fact snow hear.  So to while away the hours I dug up some pictures to redo.  I used Topaz labs “in Focus” and “Clarity”.  And I am not sure what kind of fish that is I only know that it was shot in the aquarium in Virginia Beach. 

Jan 272015

MacroresizedresizedresizedresizedThere is a major blizzard raging outside and I have a major case of cabin fever.  I finished my regular work on the phone and I decided to try out some reverse lens photography.  I don’t have a regular macro lens and the macro capability of the kit lens does not allow for very close macro.  I had tried extension tubes without much success primarily because lack of knowledge.  I did a search for reverse lens macro and came up with this decent tutorial.  I knew that the electronics go away when you reverse the lens so f stop control is lost.  The tutorial explains how to set your f stop.  As you will see you can still control shutter speed and focus.  The shot here is of some fibers from a dusting brush .  The shot was hand held.  Depth of focus is extremely small but there is software called focus stacking which can overcome that. 

Jan 062015

Winter can be very boring without snow so last week I went out looking for something to shoot.  I came across the Western Cemetery in Portland, Maine. It is the largest in existence.  So I pictured a video and I figured I would process it in black & white and look for the appropriate music.  I think I got the music right but the video could have used more work especially in the area of focus. 


Dec 282014

I am still working on exposures for night-time timelapse.  One solution would be to shoot in an area with a lot less light pollution.  I just have to get more dedicated to the project.  Most likely traveling about 20 miles would find me a location which would be more suitable.