Aug 012015

Yesterday was a Friday and I expected it to be a big day being the beginning of the weekend.  It is usually prime time for Uber drivers but it turned out to be rather slow but I never made it to prime time witch is 1:00AM to 3:AM.  That is when the bars empty and all the people who used Uber to drive in to the bars need Uber to drive them home.  I have been asked many times what happens if someone barfs in my car.  What happens is that I send pictures to Uber for the damage and Uber bills the customer $300 and send me the money so I can have it professionally cleaned. 


Moonlight on Casco Bay

River of Light

What I am finding is that I like the night driving and it is just getting physically prepared for it.  The night time takes on an almost surreal atmosphere.  Those who work the night hours know what I mean.  Time slows down and it is almost more peaceful than the rush and hustle of the daytime.   


Jul 312015

This is my third week of driving for Uber.  Uber is the creation of Travis Kalanick.  It is a smart-phone car service that is making more money than Travis cares to admit.  It is wreaking havoc with the taxi industry because most of the cars used are cleaner, as reqired by Uber, and arrive for pickup faster, because of the app, and the drivers have a strick customer service regiman as directed by a user rating system.  I use an owner operated vehicle and my income like any business is decided by howmany hours I want to drive.  

Since I have some downtime I decided to get more active on this blog.  The photography part will continue as driving Uber has allowed me more time to devote to photography and market it better.  Is you want to buy something which I wouldn’t try to talk yu out of it just go to Appleledge Photography and brouse.  

Here is the view from when I started my day.


Jun 212015

Maine has managed to string together a few good days in a row.  So it was off to Bug Light Park in South Portland with a good book and my newly repaired camera.  This is another shot of often photographed Bug Light Lighthouse. This time I decided to use a new plug in from Topaz Labs.  This one called Restyle.  The theme is Sapphire and Gold.

 Light House

Bug Light