Jan 062015

Winter can be very boring without snow so last week I went out looking for something to shoot.  I came across the Western Cemetery in Portland, Maine. It is the largest in existence.  So I pictured a video and I figured I would process it in black & white and look for the appropriate music.  I think I got the music right but the video could have used more work especially in the area of focus. 


Dec 282014

I am still working on exposures for night-time timelapse.  One solution would be to shoot in an area with a lot less light pollution.  I just have to get more dedicated to the project.  Most likely traveling about 20 miles would find me a location which would be more suitable. 



Dec 202014

After the last video I put up with I thought I would share something light.  A common phrase you here today is “Happy Holidays”.  To be politically correct everyone says happy holidays instead  of Merry Christmas.  It can be suc a confusing time.  Jews like myself celebrate Hannukah.  Others celebrate Kwanza.  Christians celebrate Christmas and some of them think that Hannukah is my Christmas and want to know what do I do for Christmas.  If you are now confused any similarity of the three holidays are that they all take part at the same time of the year and invovle some kind of gift giving

I found this video on line that may clear up some of the confusion.

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Dec 162014

Topaz Glow is a new plug-in from Topaz Labs that works with Lightroom and Photoshop.  The preset I used  is “Airbrush II”.  There are about 8 or so presets and than you have control over the degree of correction.

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