Nov 252014


I wasn’t there when it happened but on my way out of the parking lot of a large grocery chain I saw this crow enjoying an early Thanksgiving.  There were about 4 other crows and a seagull fighting for their shares when I drove up.  So somebody was probably on their way home with what looked like at least a 15 LB turkey. 



Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 232014

We had some time on my last log weekend trip to Toronto for a little time in the Kensington Market  which includes China town.  On the way down we stopped at a real deli for some chicken soup, a corn beef sandwich, and some stuffed derma or kishka.  Stuffed derma used to be made from stuffed beef intestines.  Some of you may be familiar with sausage or chitterlings.  Remember in the old days the immigrants not having a lot of money would make use of all of the animal.  Today we have a tendency to pass by some of the most tasty parts. 

Next we were on our way to Kensington and China Town.  Since I hadn’t eaten for at least a couple of hours we stopped at a dumpling house.  Even at three in the afternoon it was crowded.  The food was not the usual Chinese-American fare.  They don’t serve chow mien or Foo Yong.  What you see on the plate is marinated intestine. 


Nov 172014

This was performed 11/15/2014 at the Marblehead H.S. in Marblehead, Ma.  I have sat and endured many plays staring in Nursery school up to and including High School.  That’s what you do when you are a father of a grandfather.  Last night was an incredible performance by some remarkably talented young men and women.


Nov 012014

I had an opportunity to do a timelapse last weekend while staying at Niagara Falls.  We had a view of the falls from the sixth floor and I had an opportunity to put to work my Jobi Gorilla Tripod.  I was amazed that it actually wrapped itself around the railing on the balcony.  My 60D was secure and I went out for dinner.  When I came back my 60gig card was full with over 2000 shots.  Since I didn’t have my laptop I needed to go out and get another card for close up shots of the falls.