Oct 162016



As promised here are the foliage shots from yesterday.  I decided to upload them as a slide show that I created using ProShow Producer.  Its a program with all kinds of controls and plugins.  This one was easy after assigning all the elements it inserts all the transitions and lays down an audio track which I chose from my library. 

Oct 152016


Today I went to the Maine Audubon in Falmouth, Maine.  The idea was to shoot some foliage.  I started down over the hill towards the water with just my camera and my 18-55mm zoom on and my back pack and my 70-300mm zoom in the car.  I got to the bottom of the hill and I saw a couple pointing up in a tree.  There was the biggest Red Tail that I have ever seen.  I took two quick shots which I figured with massive cropping I could get something to keep. 

Quickly I changed my mind raced up the hill, changed lenses, sped down the hill to the tree and there as if waiting was the hawk.  I grabbed several shots and then the hawk decided to take off. My camera was up to my eye and it was set for rapid shooting and I was able to get one in flight.  Tomorrow I will post the foliage shots. 

Oct 052016

 Folliage in October

Like I promised overcast provides some of the best lighting for Autumn foliage.  I had left my Canon at home by mistake and this was shot with my iPad Pro.  If any you remember this was like shooting with a large format view camera.  This is the 12.9 inch model and the screen is very bright.  no need to use a curtain over you head.  I might look into some accessories to enhance the shooting.