Apr 172015

This is the last video from my Florida trip.  I friend took me to see the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center where on the day we arrived riders and horses were training for upcoming weekend events.  The whole program actually is active from January through March. I didn’t have my external mike so I was unable to record any of the sounds.


Apr 092015

Not really back to Florida.  We had some snow today.  Not really a lot of snow but hopeful the very last snow.  It drove me back to my Florida files and this pelican that I shot in West Palm Beach.  After seeing it I realized he set up his own natural frame with lines on the boats. 

Pelican II


Apr 052015
Pair of Ducks

A pair of Mallards

It’s been a long winter and having just returned from two weeks in Florida with 45 °and 25MPH winds it is feeling a little brisk.  I needed the exercise and so I braved the elements.  With the wind to my back it was bearable.  I came across a pair of Mallards bottom feeding from some standing water on Portland’s Back Bay area.