Jan 242016

As I was thinking about how we dodged a major blizzard today I found this shot from 2008 which reprocessed using the tone curve and some cropping.   These small iris are among my favorites and they are very prolific in Maine. We have had a very easy winter so far and each day brings us closer to Spring. 

Jan 052016

appleSo another year has gone by and we are a few days into 2016.  A few words about what was.  I am a little wary about what I should and shouldn’t say.  Politics is always such a touchy area and I have picked up a lot of new people who follow my page on Facebook and I don’t want to offend anyone.  So I will let that area slide.  Lets just say that politically 2016 promises to be a very interesting year. 

One of the major things I did in 2015 was to become an Uber Driver.  It has been very interesting and I have gained a lot of freedom.   I have been able to do is shoot a lot of pictures around Portland and came up with a new video.   The reason is that I set my own hours.  I have driven a lot of interesting people and I can make extra money.  In 2016 I decided not to set any New Years Resolutions.  There are some things I would like to do in the photography field.  Primarily it involves getting more proficient in portrait photography, timelapse and street video.  I wish everyone a Happy and healthy New Year. 

Oct 282015


I haven’t posted anything in days,   I would like to say I was busy but not so much.  This is a picture of Stroudwater Stream which I have taken many times before.  This time I caught at just the right time of day  so I wanted to see what it would look like in oil paint.  This is using Topaz Labs plug-in Simplify.  You may click on it to see it larger.