Granny Smith AppleWelcome to my New Website

You will find some new features and you may expect to find new developments coming in the future.   

  • There is a new portfolio page with links to my on-line store where you can purchase some of my work for home or business. 
  • Next a page for customer slide shows to save your precious memories.  Prices are still being developed.  
  • My usual blog page which feature new photography as well as my thoughts about my life. 


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Slide Shows

This page will be the location where you can order custom slide shows.  If you have old photographs this would be a good way to get them organized and saved to digital format.  I will also be producing digital photo albums set to music which can be given as gifts or shown on your TV or a mobile devise.  You can also use them of special events.  Here is a sample.

  So come back for pricing plans.


A Splash of Color

I finally got some time to get out and check out the fall foliage.  Here in Southern Maine it is still a little spotty.  I suspect now that it is begging to get colder at night we should see an increase in saturation.  My only wish is that we would only have three seasons and …

Egrets on the Salt Marsh

  One of my favorite places to visit is the salt marches in Scarborough.  I am always  assured that I will find some egrets feeding.  If you wash closely you can see the fish that they catch go down their throats.    


Granny SmithI have been an active photographer for over fifty years. Because some of my work has been sold I am labeled as a professional. My main web site www.appleledgephotography.com has the subtitle ” A Journey through my Life “. That in fact is what I have tried to do is record my visions of life through the lens and share them with others.
You can go directly to my Gallery if you wish to purchase photos from my travels around the world.

Coming up with page information where you can have me create custom slide shows from you memories.