Apr 212014

Today I thought it was time to clean up my vegetable garden.  Any garner will tell you if you want mint plant it in a container.  If you don’t the mint is very invasive and it will take over your garden.  I saw that the only green left over from last year was the mint which was beginning to bud.  I moved it to a container next to the house.  While I pulled the rest the runners came up easily so I may be alright.  The garden is basically a raised 4 by 8 space so even if the mint continues to grow it will be easy to control.  Since I replanted the mint I pulled it was time for some reverse macro photography. 


Apr 202014

 I went to make a movie about these nesting Osprey but using a 300mm lens without a tripod didn’t work.  So I handheld these stills.  I had just walked away when I caught the pair together this strange pose. 




Apr 192014

Following an inch of snow Thursday today turned bright and milder.  We took a walk around the Western Promenade are of Portland, Maine.   It is an older neighborhood filled with brownstones and clapboarded homes.  They are close to the sidewalk and many have little flower gardens which have crocus, pansies and bluebells beginning to poke through.  Tomorrow promises to warmer and I hope to be off filming some nesting Osprey. 

Apr 172014

Never again became the cry of Jews following the Holocaust. Now over 50 years ghosts of hatred are on the move again .
Leaflet tells jews to register in East Ukraine.

Anti-semitism has been on the rise in Europe. Physical attacks on Jews have been increasing. The third intifada is being waged against Israel. This time it is financial and being represented by economic boycotts from around the world. The government of the United States is asking Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians without the Palestinians having to recognize the legitimate right of Israel to exist.

I am upset by this turn of events. I hope more people are equally upset

Apr 172014


I installed WordPress 3.9 last night and I can’t wait to try out the new features.  I don’t have time to go over it in depth but the first I’ve added to the post is a quick contact form to the bottom.  Here is a video I found explaining the new changes.  WordPress 3.9